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Turn A Cross Into Square In Two Cuts. Can You Do This Puzzle?

cross into square

Source: Maths Doctor

Geometric puzzles are a great way of enhancing your mathematical and analytical skills that can prove very useful throughout your life as an engineer. Besides, they are quite fun as well. Here is an interesting problem that people can only solve when they are serious about it. We have to tell you that it is much harder to do in mind, and you will need to open Microsoft Paint or get a pen and paper in order to solve it. The problem statement is relatively simple. You have a cross made up of five equal squares. You have to convert it into one square by making two straight cuts with the help of a knife and rearranging the rest of the pieces. Here is the problem statement in video:

So, take out your pens and try to do it. Do remember that the lines just need to be straight. There is no precondition on the angle of the line being cut.

So, have you taken some time to think about it? If you can’t figure it out or just want to confirm your own method, here is the solution in detail using graphics to your advantage:

So, how many of you could actually figure it out without help?