This Gadget Gives You Personalized Skincare Advice By Studying Your Skin

way skin care

The dust, smoke, UV rays exposure and pollutants make our skin very vulnerable. The best way to avert any possible skin ailment is that you be careful and monitor your skin from time to time. If any problem presents itself, you get it treated as soon as possible. But, we can’t go to the skin specialists every other week or so as it is recommended, so here is where Way comes in. It helps you monitor the condition of your skin at regular intervals due to its small size and compact design. It is currently undergoing crowd funding.

way skin care 2

It is a simple doughnut-shaped device with built-in UV index and humidity sensor. It has a long battery life of seven days and has connectivity through Bluetooth 4.0. There is also a new and improved Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis sensor (BIA) that can detect the moisture and oil content in the skin. If they remain stable, the skin remains primarily healthy, the company claims.

There is also an option to see the weather and pollution reports via an app linked to the iOS or Android-based systems. There are smart pop-up suggestions that originate from the app and advises the user to apply some moisturizer when the humidity is low and put some sunscreen on if the UV index is high. It will also suggest you particular skin care products. The dimensions of the handy gadget are 50x50x12 mm. It blends in well on your dressing table too.

way skin care 3

The IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign started with a 50,000 $ target, and it has surpassed that milestone within some days left. So, if you want this useful gadget, an initial pledge of 99$ will be enough to get your hands on it. The company aims to ship the device by November this year.

Have a look at the video of this amazing gadget here:





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