Indian Doctors Successfully Transplant Hands Of A Dead Person To An Afghan Army Captain

Double Hand Transplant – A Reality Now

We have been repeatedly emphasizing on the benefits of technology and how it has been improving medical sciences. These claims are not just claims and here’s another reason why we are thankful to the technological advancements; Abdul Rahim, 30 year old captain in Afghanistan’s Border Security Force has become the second person to receive double hand transplant in India. He lost both his hands while defusing a mine on Afghanistan border about 3 years back.Double Hand Transplant – A Reality Now 2

He underwent a surgery last month that lasted for about 15 hours and involved 20 surgeons at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. During the surgery, each hand needed two arteries, four veins, 14 tendons and connecting two bones. The donor of these hands was Mr. TT Joseph from Eloor Kochi who had an accident and was declared brain dead. He was 54 years old at the time of death.

Rahim is responding positively to the treatment and shall be discharged soon if progress continues like this. The first person who received this transplant was a man named Manu who underwent the same procedure in January. Here’s to technology and to a happy life for both of these men!

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