This Futuristic Electrocycle Promises 300 Miles Range On One Charge

This one sure is going to shake the motorcycle world, I mean just look at its design!

The new cruisy, retro-futuristic Electrocycle developed by Zaiser motors is a combination of old elegant motorcycle design and modern features. It packs a rechargeable electric motor that makes the motorcycle good to go for 300 miles at a single charge.

Zaiser Motors based in Colorado is working on the retro design electric motorcycle, it would pack a removable battery design, so to make the charging more convenient and to save more time in that regard.

Clicking at 120 mph (200 km/h) as top speed, the bike would come packing all the futuristic features with the most retro design ever seen in a modern bike. Looking at the bike builds the urge to go on a long cruise trip, with plugged-in headphones, heading towards the mountains. Feels like I already want something of that sort. All f the bike appears as classy, but oh, the headlights and its tank, would make any bike lover go in awe at first look.

Its rear thin wheel looks a little off seeing the whole of the bodywork and design, but the designers had to keep it for the retro look, and also it improves the performance of the bike.

The company is designing a neat, simple, and futuristic-looking dash, that the rider would have a continuous vision on, only getting off of the bike would realize the rider of its retro design again.

Fascinatingly, the bike that looks a little composed with its design is not the very same in performance, its two hub motors enable it to hit 0-60 mph/h (0-96 km/h) in 3.6 seconds. Making it pretty fast and aggressive for the bike with such a retro and classic design.

“A 300-mile range is quite a claim,” reads Zaiser’s WeFunder page, “but we are ready to back that up. By moving the powerplant out to the wheels and shedding weight, we are confident that we will have the flexibility to achieve a 300-mile range on our model 1 Electrocycle. Freeing up space in the center of the Electrocycle will allow us to fit our 17.5 KWH battery unit and more without compromising aesthetics or aerodynamics.”

It is a long wheel-base design, which allowed the designers to free up a lot of space, aided by the hub motors, question is that how much battery this retro-classic monster bike would carry?

“Additional improvements consist of efficiency gains thanks to our new twin-hub cooling system and ultra-light-weight composite material implemented during manufacturing.”

Zaiser’s Electrocycle would be priced somewhere in between $20,000 to $25,000 and would be delivered to the customers somewhere in 2023.

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