Most Valuable Motorcycle In The World Is Going Up For Auction

Most valuable and the most controversial motorcycle in the history of Earth heads for auction.

There are two claimants of the most famous Captain America motorcycle, both of which were built and certified as “original.” The motorcycle going to auction next week has a more credible claim.

The auction will take place on 5 June 2021, and is as controversial as the bike was when the popular American road film “Easy Rider” got to the cinemas about 5 decades ago.

The price of the bike is not specified and that is what auctions are for, however, experts predict that it would sell somewhere in between $300,000 to $500,000. However, another Captain America bike that claimed to be the original but was marked as less credible sold at auction for a sum of $1.62 million in 2014, meaning this could probably fetch somewhere around the same.

It sure is difficult to track as to which one is the original bike restored to its glory, as was shown in the famous movie, at the end of which the motorcycle was seen burning on the ground.

Unfortunately, the world’s most valuable motorcycle, the Captain America chopper went through a series of unforeseen incidences, not limited to the movie, as it saw some mishaps later on as well.

Two of the bikes used in the film were stolen right after the completion of the shooting and were never seen again. Probable chances are that they were broken down to pieces and were sold into spare parts, or it could be that some old Captain America diehard fan might ride it occasionally at a secluded mountainous town.

The only motorcycle left in the film was seen burning in the final scene and stayed in the damaged state for two decades. It was in Dan Haggerty’s possession and it is due to his actions that two identical motorcycles were seen later on, both of which claim to be the original one restored from the landmark film. It is where the controversy began about which one was the original, and both sold for a fortune even back then.

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