This Former Tesla AI Engineer Just Trolled His Formal Employer On Twitter

Former Tesla engineer Tim Zaman, once the head of AI infrastructure and platform at the electric vehicle giant, has taken to Twitter to humorously critique the company’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) software. Despite being impressed with the latest FSD v12 update, Zaman couldn’t resist poking fun at Tesla’s AI capabilities, tweeting, “Full Self Wiping when?” on January 23, 2024.

Zaman’s comment specifically targets Tesla’s automatic wiper system, a feature that has faced criticism for its inconsistent performance. Unlike traditional rain sensors used by other automakers, Tesla’s system relies on its Autopilot cameras to analyze precipitation and adjust wiper speed accordingly. However, many Tesla owners have reported issues such as delayed activation or incorrect speed adjustments.

In the tweet, Zaman makes light of Tesla’s efforts to enhance the auto wiper technology and mentions his wish for a “Full Self Wiping” feature. The ironic comment highlights the difficulties Tesla is facing in improving its AI-powered technology.

The news outlet Electrek, which focuses on electric cars, offers its perspective on the matter and expresses dissatisfaction with Tesla’s unwillingness to equip its cars with a rain sensor. The report speculates that Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk’s influence may be the reason for the company’s reluctance to implement some industry standards. The author hypothesizes that Tesla may quickly remedy these alleged shortcomings if Musk were to step down as CEO.

The criticism extends to other aspects of Tesla’s technology, such as the absence of parking sensors and the perceived inaccuracies of camera-based distance estimates. The author emphasizes the irony of Tesla’s struggle with auto wipers, questioning how the company can tackle the more significant challenge of achieving fully autonomous driving.

While Zaman’s tweet is undoubtedly humorous, it sparks meaningful discussions about the limitations and challenges faced by even industry leaders in developing advanced AI for autonomous driving. The article highlights the broader debate over Tesla’s approach to technological advancements and the expectations surrounding the future of self-driving cars.

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