Netflix Is Eliminating Its Basic Ad-Free Subscription

In a strategic move to further refine its subscription offerings, Netflix has announced the complete phasing out of its basic ad-free option, starting with the UK and Canada in the second quarter. This decision follows a series of changes that began in July 2023 when the streaming giant dropped its Basic ad-free plan for new subscribers in the US and UK. Subsequently, existing subscribers worldwide experienced a price hike, with the monthly subscription cost increasing from $10 to $12.

The $7 monthly Basic plan with commercials, the $15.50 monthly ad-free Standard plan, and the $23 monthly Premium plan are the new alternatives available to Netflix consumers. If a user choose to share their account with someone other than their family, there is an additional $8 monthly membership fee.

Netflix’s ad-supported plan has a catch even though it’s still one of its most popular options. The business positions it as a less costly substitute for competitors such as Disney Plus and Hulu. This package does not allow you to watch some TV shows or well-known movies; you will have to upgrade to watch such.

Netflix has made the choice to stop offering its basic membership, focusing instead on expanding its collection of entertainment options. One area where they are really making waves is in live sports coverage. Next month, they will be airing a highly anticipated tennis match featuring Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz. Furthermore, it has come to light that Netflix has recently finalized a contractual agreement with the WWE, signifying their imminent venture into the realm of professional wrestling. This intriguing development implies that subscribers residing in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Latin America will soon find themselves bestowed with the remarkable opportunity to witness live spectacles of Monday Night Raw on the esteemed streaming platform, commencing from the onset of January 2025. As if this were not enough, plans are already in motion to broaden their horizons by extending this captivating experience to additional geographical territories in due course.

With the continuous improvement of Netflix’s services, users can anticipate a broader range of video games and other enhanced entertainment choices. Take a look at our specialized content that offers comprehensive coverage on Netflix’s foray into gaming, along with valuable insights into ad-supported streaming services across the globe.

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