This Forest School In India Will Have An ‘Infinity’ Cycling Track On Its Roof

During the last ten years, Pune, a city in India, has seen a rise in population, which has caused air quality to drop below World Health Organization guidelines; thus, an architecture firm named Nudes won a competition for the construction of an eco-friendly school to be made in the city will start a forest school project.

In the competition, the Nudes designed a vertical garden that purifies the air around it. At the top of the “forest school” lies an infinity cycling track for physical training purposes.

The Architecture firm Nudes stated: “The ‘Forest’ is the winning entry for an invited competition design for a school project sited in Pune, India. The design explores the relationship between nature and pedagogy in dense urban settlements built on the foundations of ‘Grow’, ‘Learn’, ‘Reuse’, ‘Plant’ and ‘Play’.”

“The project harbours 2 nos. “green” cylindrical volumes stitched by a rooftop “infinity” loop track. Each cylindrical volume represents the stage of phased construction with planned programmatic activities. The project explores the dynamics and logistics of a vibrant space for student-centric interaction and learning. The “Green” skin can be serviced and maintained by a peripheral service track that is accessible from both landing and mid-landing levels on every floor by horticulturists.”

The school basement will consist of tennis courts and a large pool with greenery all around. The plants present in the courtyards and on the grounds will be taken care of by the students. Those plants will be then shifted to a higher level once they are nurtured enough. According to Euronews, the school’s foremost goal is to let students learn about environmental and climate changes prevailing around the world. Green.

This project is a great eco-friendly idea to begin with, and I hope we all turn to such ventures and save our environment before it’s too late.

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