Greece Is Making A Skyscraper That Could Become The Tallest Plant In The World As Well

Incorporating green operations in the building sector is getting more and more popular among builders and authorities. Already existing buildings and structures are now being altered to adjust to the requirements of a green building structure. Various changes are being made for this purpose. Moreover, the new buildings and urban developments are being planned along the lines of sustainability and green operations. Some of these developments have the main purpose of delivering sustainable and environment-friendly spaces that are not destructive to the environment. These projects can be seen all around the globe as time progresses.

Marina Tower in Greece is one such example. This building is being built at the Mediterranean end of the country and will become the tallest building in Greece at a height of 200m. It has all the green operations and mechanisms incorporated in its impeccable design. The structure is going to be made of wood and there are plants that go along the edifice. It is expected to have approximately 45 floors with no cooling systems installed. In fact, the structure itself will provide the ventilation needed for cooling and air passages.

The Marina building is one of the most high-rise buildings being constructed along the Mediterranean coastlines. The design utilizes natural factors in the most suitable way. It capitalizes on the mesmerizing view along with natural light. This project is one of the Foster + Partners group. They will be presenting this site project as part of their Ellinikon Masterplan in the competition entries of 2026.

Other sustainable and eco-friendly projects are also being built near this tower to make it into a green area. These projects include The Forestias, the Guangming Hub, and Avenida Cordoba 120. They are all self-dependent and self-sustaining. It is a big step for a country like Greece to take such a giant leap and make the tallest building of the nation with sustainable features. This will pave way for future green projects.

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