This Foldable Electric Bike Is Stylish And Folds To Fit In Your Backpack

Impossible Electric Bike is Also Foldable6

Bikes are the best means of commute due to a number of reasons; easy maintenance, user fitness, no pollution, etc. Recently we have seen a rise in the trend of foldable bikes, but one must wonder if the pedal efficiency of foldable bikes is comparable to a traditional bike because that is where we believe the problem lies. What if you could get a folding bike that was electric? Say hello to Impossible Bike introduced by Chinese engineers, which can be folded up to a size that can be snugged easily into a backpack. The bike can achieve a speed of 12 mph when being ridden, thanks to the electric motor.
Impossible Electric Bike is Also Foldable7
Impossible Electric Bike is Also Foldable5

The Impossible Bike will set a new standard for portability because it weighs less than 5 kg and is about 17 inches once folded. It runs on 10 batteries, each being a 2,900-mAh battery covering 24.8 km and also capable of being charged from a traditional wall outlet. The design is ‘circular’ with the bike made mostly out of anodized aluminum. It has a total of four circles that can be folded out to form the wheels and frame. The team says that using this approach allows them to evenly distribute the rider’s weight across the Impossible Bike while allowing the bike to bear 85 kg.Impossible Electric Bike is Also Foldable Impossible Electric Bike is Also Foldable2 Impossible Electric Bike is Also Foldable4 Impossible Electric Bike is Also Foldable3 Impossible Electric Bike is Also Foldable6

The seat and carry case have been combined as well as detached. They can be fitted into the folded bike. This protects the motor and batteries, if needed, to store them outside. The team says that the project still requires some finishing touches before it is launched into the market and is busy raising funds on Kickstarter. Currently, the team’s focus is to come up with an ultra-thin and enhanced motor that will be designed specifically for the bike. The bike will be available in black and white color and a pledge of $377 guarantees you one. If all goes according to the plan, shipping will start in August 2015.


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