Rubbee Is An Attachable Motor That Boosts Your Bike’s Speed

Rubbee 2

Have you heard about this amazing add-on electric bicycle motor that goes by the peculiar name of Rubbee? It’s not only the name that is strange but the approach it uses is amazingly unique as well. Thanks to a successful campaign run on Kickstarter; the motor uses a powered polyurethane roller that works by rubbing against the bike’s rear tire thus facilitating the rider in pedalling and contributing to the overall power input. The second version of the gadget has been released and according to the reports, it is way more easy to use while being capable of offering a longer range.
Rubbee 2.0 – Boost Your Bike4
Rubbee 2.0 – Boost Your Bike3

Both versions of the Rubbee make use of the same principle; the gadget is affixed to the seat-post from where the motorized roller can be flipped down onto the tire only when required. The whole assembly can be installed or removed within minutes due to the quick-release mount. The gadget receives its power from a 250-watt motor that has been integrated into it along with the 14.4-volt 280-Wh battery pack. The batteries can be charged completely from empty within 3 hours.Rubbee 2.0 – Boost Your Bike2

The original version allowed the rider to adjust the output level of Rubbee manually through the output level located at the handlebar-mounted controller. This controller was attached permanently, however, for Rubbee 2.0 a Pedal Assist Sensor Monitors assembly is installed permanently that keeps track of how fast the pedaling is being done while the embedded software monitors the speed of the motor.Rubbee 2.0 – Boost Your Bike

Analyzing this data allows Rubbee to ascertain how fast the bicycle is going and then decides how much assistance should be provided to maintain the rhythm at the required speed. The maximum supported speed is 25km/h. Rubbee 2.0 has a weight of 6.9 kg, 30% increased torque and a 35% increase in the range thus increasing the total range to 40 km. Rubbee is available for $1,190.

Watch the video below to know more.


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