This Flywheel Trebuchet Can Toss Tennis Balls At 180 MPH

Flywheels are definitely interesting how they retain a tremendous amount of energy.

Engineer Tom Stanton, who was always fascinated with the medieval history and heavy stone-throwing machine, decided to combine a flywheel mechanism with a robust aluminum trebuchet.

In this productive clip, you can see how he makes it alive, the transfer of stored energy into useful mechanical work, making it mesmerizing.

When mixed with each others’ machinery, the two said machines create a reliable output. He uses the method of cranking it to spin the flywheel, and once spun up to sufficient angular velocity, the trigger discharges the tennis ball furiously from the sling attached to it and sends it with marvelous speeds up to 180 mph (290 km/h).

This video is so overwhelming that you can even see ex-NASA engineer, now YouTuber Mark Robert, join hands to make it even better and get going.

He said that it is well done on so many levels. Not sure how I’ve never come across your channel till now, but I’m happy the algorithm made the suggestion!

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