This External USB Drive Adds 128 GB Space To Your iPhone Or iPad


One of the most painful experiences in life is when you run out of space on your iOS device and have to delete the videos and files to free up space. Another option is to go simply upgrade your iPhone or iPad. However, the easiest way to update the storage capacity of your prized Apple device is to go for the iKlips USB flash drive.


Image Source: iKlips


All you need is to plug in the iKlips Lightning connector to your iTouch, iPhone, or iPad and you are good to go with 128 GB of additional memory. The stored files can easily be managed via the iKlips companion app. You can also use the app to stream HD videos directly.


Image Source: iKlips


iKlpis comes with a Lightning connector that can give read/write speed of 26/10 Mbps. The drive features exFAT support. The USB 3.0 connectivity implies that iKlips can also deliver read/write speed of 140/70 Mbps.


Image Source: iKlips


iKlips is MFi certified implying that the can safely be used with all the Lightning devices. The USB flash drive can also be plugged into your PC or Mac as a regular USB drive via the USB connector.


Image Source: iKlips


iKlips is available in a variety of colours and storage options with free shipping available in the US. You can learn more about the device in this video:




  1. Maxef Reply

    Totally agree with James.
    Since long time most smartphones support OTG connectivity and don’t even require special apps to do so.
    OTG adapters prices start from 1$, or you can buy USB stick with already built-in micro-USB connector.

  2. James Smith Reply

    And USB thumb drive with an adapter to the mini USB port of most Android phones will do the same thing. So what’s the big deal? Then most android phone have more memory and will accept a micro SD drive. Something Apple has declined to provide for customers.

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