This Experiment Demonstrates What Will Happen If You Smoked 300 Hundred Cigarettes


We all know how bad smoking is for health. We see the ubiquitous disclaimers outlining messages like “Smoking Kills” or “Smoking causes Lung Cancer” on billboards, on TV, in magazines and even on packs of cigarettes themselves. Yet people still gloss over these to ignore the warnings. Sometimes all we need is to be jolted by a reality check.


This video serves as that reality check. It demonstrates the extremely harmful effect of cigarettes via a simple experiment in which a simple setup consisting of a closed glass container filled with cotton is used to represent the human lung. This setup is connected via a tube to an electric motor (design to function as a compressor) to be operated via a processor.

This setup represents a lung. Credits: Slivki Show

The closed container is connected to a compressor via a tube which sucks in air into the container. A small outlet in the container is where the cigarette is inserting to represent the act of “Smoking”. The compressor sucks inside air (smoke) which flows through the cotton and is sucked out from the other end.

The setup is connected to a power supply to turn on the compressor function and a cigarette is inserted into the inlet. When it begins to burn, smoke is sucked inside the inlet. Alarmingly, the colour of the cotton turns yellower right from the first cigarette. By the last cigarette, it has turned a charred yellow black colour.

By the last cigarette,
White Color of Cotton has turned into charred yellow black colour

Now imagine what happens to the lungs when people smoke for years and years! Watch the video and share with your family, friends or colleagues who smoke!



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