These Beautifully Carved, Mechanically Activated Coins Will Blow Your Mind

Russian Artist Roman Booteen has developed quite a fan-following on Instagram where he shares photos and videos of his masterpieces.

While hand-graved coins alone are cause for fascination, this artist has also added incredible Mechanical elements to his coins too which make the coins a marvel of both engineering and art.

His latest piece is a coin with an intricate carving of a knight and a lady gazing at a dip in the wall. However, there is a hidden delight to the coin. In the video shared by the artist on his Instagram, the shows that the Knight’s sword can actually be removed and then used to push inside a tiny notch at the top of the coin. Doing so open ups a small covering that reveals a golden goblet inside.

The sword in this coin is removable
Photo (Roman Boteen)
Inserting the Sword at the top reveals the Golden Goblet on the left
Photo (Roman Boteen)


Booteen has carved over fifty such coins each a masterpiece. He also carves other things like cigarette lighter carvings which are equally impressive. These videos show some of his pieces.


Check out Boteen’s impressive portfolio on his Instagram for viewing the whole range of his beautiful coins packed with small engineering surprises.

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