This Engineer Has Redesigned Apple’s AirPods To Show How To Make Them Repairable

In 2021, Robotics engineer Ken Pillonel made waves when he became the first to convert iPhone’s Lightning port to USB-C. His ingenuity didn’t stop there; he extended his innovations to Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro cases, sharing his processes with the world.

However, Ken’s latest venture takes his creativity to new heights. He has meticulously reimagined every element of the AirPods Pro case, ensuring it is now fully repairable—a sustainable alternative to Apple’s “buy new” approach.

Apple, renowned for its sleek designs, had not designed the AirPods Pro case with repairability in mind, constructing it using adhesives, earning a dismal 0/10 repairability rating from iFixit. Undeterred by this challenge, Ken set out to prove the case’s accessibility, even if it meant facing some damage during the process.

Going above and beyond his prior endeavors, Ken meticulously copied and enhanced each component of the AirPods Pro case, making it entirely accessible and repairable.

Displaying his generosity of spirit, Ken documented the entire process, capturing it on film, and making these invaluable resources freely available to all. Through knowledge sharing, he empowers others to embark on the journey of repair, opening up possibilities for sustainable tech solutions.

Witnessing the fascinating and impressive process that Ken embarked on to achieve this feat is truly inspiring. Through his unwavering commitment to repairability, he has not only challenged the norms of technology but has also laid the groundwork for a greener and more responsible future for AirPods Pro users worldwide.

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