This Engineer Has Developed A Drone That Can Detect Air Pollution

Young Engineer Develops A Drone To Detect Air Pollution 3

Meet engineer Monica Abarca from Peru who is 23 years old. She is a specialist when it comes to Mechatronics and has invented a drone that has an algorithm and sensors capable of ascertaining air pollution in any area. The idea behind this invention is to study and fight air pollution.Young Engineer Develops A Drone To Detect Air Pollution 2

The gadget has a lot of possible and practical applications. It can be used in the mining-metallurgical sector. It can replace fixed contamination measurement stations and enable inspection of a much larger area while detecting air pollution with a higher efficiency, thus making it possible to ascertain if the air around mines is dangerous for the mine workers or the general population.Young Engineer Develops A Drone To Detect Air Pollution

The drone can fly at a height of 500 meters above sea level and offers a flight range of 10 minutes. It doesn’t have a camera, however, a second version is being developed by Monica that will offer a flight of 30 minutes and shall feature a camera as well to help with the process of exploration. In addition, it will also be capable of flying higher, thus rendering it more useful in other fields as well. Monica, right now, is looking into helping with the identification of impacts of pollution caused by mining. We wish her luck!


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