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This Electric Dragster Packs 1500 kilowatts Of Power

electric SR37

The popular myth about electric cars being underpowered and slow have been dispelled by Tesla Motors with its Model S and Model X. Both of these cars can reach 100 mph within 10 seconds, and they are sometimes called electric rollercoasters due to their insane acceleration. It also made an electric Roadster in 2008 that was just like an average Formula three car. If you still have any doubts regarding the potential of electric cars to succeed, you can look at this electric monster electric SR37 that packs 1500 Kilowatts of power in its motors:

Woah! Is it fast enough for you EV haters and skeptics? Nikola Tesla would have been proud! The team behind this car aims to be the first vehicle to achieve 200 mph as an electric car. Racer “Big Daddy” Don Garlits, 82 years of age is behind the wheel and has recently achieved a speed of 184 mph. He was the first person to break the 200 mph on a dragster and now aims to be the first one on to break the 200 mph on an electric car. 

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