Tesla’s Electric Car To Hit The UK Market And It Will Run For 300 Miles On A Single Charge

Tesla Britain

Automobile industry is moving forward at quite a pace and we are witnessing newer and more powerful super cars every year. However, they all rely on gasoline and we know that it is a non-renewable source of fuel and that’s exactly why the scientists are working on alternate energy sources for cars. So far we have seen solar powered cars and electric cars. The issue with those cars or what hinders us from phasing out the old cars and moving to these cars is probably the myriad of insecurities and issues associated with these new cars. For instance; what happens to the solar powered car after sunset? What will happen if it runs out of power? The same goes for electric car; what if the batteries run out in the middle of nowhere?

Tesla-R-and-Tesla-S_webThis is where Tesla comes in with an exciting promise; the users of Tesla electric cars will be able to drive through Britain with only one break of charging for 20 minutes, as told by the founder Elon Musk. The electric car in question is the right hand drive models of Tesla’s Model S Performance Plus car which will cost £70,000 and will be arriving in Britain next month. The company claims, as stated above, that the car will be able to travel 300 miles on a single charge and a charge of 20 minutes will result in increasing the mileage by 130 miles. Right now, company is focusing on providing supercharging stations along the highway or the electric highway as the company calls it. This stretch will begin from Dover and Bristol continuing up to M25 north along the length of M1.

TeslaModelS Superchargers MapFor comparison’s sake, we would like you to guess what currently available electric cars in Britain can deliver in one charge? Well, the answer is 100 miles and after that, they need to be charged overnight. Tesla hopes to change the negative perception that surrounds electric cars and bring something that can give a good figure when it comes to mileage. Oh and the charging for Tesla cars will be free at the charging stations.

Electric Car Charging Tesla Super ChargerAccording to Edmund King, President of AA, Tesla might come up as a game changer and if their Model S fulfills the claims, it would satisfy 98% of the drivers. Check out the youtube video below for more:


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