These Are The Top 150 Electric Vehicles Ranked By Range

Having an electric automobile may be a lot more convenient, especially if you are attempting to save money on the ever-increasing fuel prices.

The staff reviewed the mileage ranges of various cars worldwide, and the list is detailed, with 150 EVs included.

Top 150 electric vehicles by range

The Lucid Air Dream R AWD (19-inch wheels) EV offers the best mileage range, with a 520-mile range. However, only 13 of the 150 automobiles included in this infographic have mileage ranges of 400 or above. Only the Tesla Model S, which is placed 13th, has a score of 402.

While Lucid Motors has the top six slots on this list, Tesla also has a strong showing. Five of the company’s EVs are among the top twenty.

The US Environmental Protection Agency and the New European Driving Cycle are two organisations that review electric vehicle ranges. Manufacturers may use electric vehicle testing during the research and production phases. Electric motors and inverters are tested, combustion analysis, hydrogen engine testing, and battery and battery charge testing.

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