This Eccentric Steam Powered Motorbike Rescued Jack Sparrow


Finally the mystery of how Captain Jack Sparrow escaped the rumrunners Isle has been solved. Enter the black pearl! No, not the ship, the ship was overrun by his mutinous crew. We are talking about this black pearl motorbike that he could have got in that era and rode off by attaching it to a mast. As we know, people are inspired by the legend of Jack Sparrow, many of them try to imitate his great deeds, and that is where the idea of making such an eccentric thing materialized. Have a look at this ash and steam spewing beauty:


The bike was on display at the Big twin bike show in Netherlands and certainly managed to capture the attention of many people. Just like the black pearl of the sea, this bike is exclusive and fully armed, but unlike the ship, this black pearl is excruciatingly slow. It was manufactured by Dutch company Revatu Systems Customs. They named it train-wreck bike. So it’s a bike to be made from destroyed train parts in the middle of nowhere only.


Rene Van Tuel, the owner of this bike, has apparently made no effort to hide the inspiration behind the apparent design of the motorbike. Even the curious crankshaft attached to the back wheel works on the pattern of early locomotives. It is also bared to the surroundings like them.


The front of the bike is a circular train-like head that reminds us of the Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter world. Thank God, however that the company had the brains to install a functioning modern shock system. It will come in handy during a high-speed cruise down the motorway. The poor drum brake is also mounted to stop this apocalyptic beast.

It is the first steam powered bike fully able to be ridden. The thoroughly streamlined design of the bike makes it impossible for the bike to go beyond 5  miles/hour and that too for short distances. Here is a proof of its actual working:

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