Free Dubai Wallpapers Show The Real Significance Of Its Culture

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As many people argue about how to pronounce this city’s name, as many dream about coming here to view its skyline instead of having the Dubai wallpapers on their screen. The Dubai skyline is colored by the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. If the hotel industry has 5 star-hotel as its highest rating, Dubai has the only 7-star hotel! Burj Al Arab will give the most wonderful stay with top-notch facilities.

The city of Dubai is a part of United Arab Emirates with a constitutional monarchy. More than two million people live in the city. More than half of them are Indian and Emirati, as often seen on some Dubai wallpapers: an Emirati with a Sorban, a piece of cloth covering the hat. The national tradition is Islam and Arabic. Even though Arabic (with Gulf dialect) is the national language of United Emirates Arab, the languages spoken in Dubai may vary depending on the area due to many expatriates moving in and living in Dubai.

Not just hotels and buildings, Dubai also has the largest shopping mall in the world. The Dubai Mall has 1,200 shops. Not just shopping, this mall also provides attractions such as Aquarium, Underwater Zoo, and Ice Rink. Visit Dubai during the shopping festival from January 1st to February 1st, discounts and parades are there to welcome tourists.

Dubai has a knowledge village. It was built as the bridge for universities from around the world to open campuses in Dubai. Al Ghurair University and University of Wollongong are one of the most well-known universities in Dubai. Arabic language is used as the first language in the public school. And English is used as the second language. However, there are many private schools that cater to expatriates’ needs in terms of language and curriculum, such as Indian and American.

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