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This Easy DIY Project Will Make You Feel As If You Are Sleeping In Middle Of The Galaxy

Jesse Rockwell is a blogger and a photographer who takes pictures of the night sky as a hobby. He has captured some stunning images of the deep region of space and recently a visit to Santa Barbara in California allowed him to take some amazingly surreal photos. However, just having pictures wasn’t enough for him, so he set out to do something far more breathtaking. Check it out below and let us know what you think of his amazing DIY project.

This is the picture that he took of the Milky Way over Santa Barabara. The new moon implied that more stars were visible thus helping with this amazing image.

He printed a large size; 72 by 30 inches and opted to make the picture come to life.

Now, most of us wouldn’t even dream of poking holes into a huge and amazing print that we just received, however, he proceeded to do in order to create a light box and to make the universe shine!

Then began the experiments to pierce the paper in a way that didn’t create ragged tears and eventually concluding that a pushpin was the best option.

It was a tiresome and monotonous task; there are over 10,000 stars in the picture as per Rockwell and he had to do this poking while watching movies and listening to audio tapes in order to make the labor less boring. However, as he progressed he started to note the fruits of his labor.

Rockwell was assisted in this project by his friend and housemate, a carpenter when it came to building a frame that was to be used for holding the LEDs that were supposed to illuminate the print.

The wiring was set up following the putting up of backing. The lights could be controlled remotely.

The reflective background was used so that the lights would be able to shine even brighter. The photo was made to suspend between two units of Plexiglas that had been cut to size.

Once the lights were in position, the photo was placed on top.

LEDs last longer, do not produce heat, are small and lightweight thus being the ideal choice for this project.

Looks quite stunning!

The photo has been transformed into an interactive light display that shows the grandeur of galaxy in the night sky.

It can change color as well.

Check out the illuminated image in action below!