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15 Life Hacks That Will Save You Money

Saving money is a talent but at times, it is not possible to save money. To make your impossibilities possible, We present you 15 life hacks which will help you in saving money and make life comfortable.

15. Wet newspaper, stretches out your shoes

Wet newspaper stretches out your tight shoes. Just put the wet newspaper all night in the shoes in some warm place and your tight shoes will become comfortable to wear.

14. Banana’s rind makes your shoe shiny

A banana rind act as a shiny shoe polish.

13. Iron your collars with a hair straightener

Especially for men, you can use hair straightener for ironing your collars as well.

P.S: Do putt off your shirt while ironing, it might burn you.

12. Take a click of  a person you have loaned things to

Make a visual diary by taking pictures of people you have borrowed things  to, you will always remember the person.

11. Use nail-paints to label your keys

Apply nail paint on your keys so that you could recognize your key and to which lock it belongs to.

10. Blinder clips helps you in organizing your computer cables

Blinder clips keeps your computer cables separated and organized, You do not need to buy any expensive clips for managing wires.

9. You can use your old chap stick box as your secret money pouch

Chap stick is a place where you can hide your money and no one will ever imagine it as a money pouch.

8. Be a charger savior

The old springs of pen will keep your wires safe from getting damaged at ends.

7. A staple remover helps in organizing keys

You will not have to struggle with your keys ever again, all you need is a staple remover.

6. No more fight with a roll of tape

Use a bread tab at the end of roll of a tape, this will help you in finding your tape’s end quickly.

5. Roll your wires on a toilet paper tube

Wrap your cables on a toilet paper tubes as they make excellent storage space for wires.

4. Ketchup tube cleans the hardest places to reach

Fixing a ketchup tube top on the vacuum sucks the dirt of the places which are hard to reach.

3. Dropped your phone in water? No worries

Put your phone into a rice bag, it will remove any moisture trapped inside the phone.

2. Onion ring makes a perfect egg ring

Onion ring makes an exact egg ring and also enhances it’s taste.

1. Duct tape helps in opening a jar

The most stubborn jar lid will be easily opened using a duct tape.