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Here are 15 Uses Of Dryer Sheets That You Probably Didn’t Know

Dryer sheets are a readily available household item as they are extensively used in the laundry process. Besides their sweet smelling scent and soft appearance, there are plenty of uses of these handy sheets that you probably didn’t know before. Here are some of them:

1. You can siphon off all the glued insects in the windscreens by adding water and scrubbing them off with a dryer sheet or two.

2.  You can also make baked messes and frying leftovers disappear by filling the pan with hot water and throwing in a dryer sheet. You can then let it soak. Leave it for a few hours and scrub off the grime with the dryer sheet.

3. You can buff out fingerprints and other greasy imprints on different appliances like the microwave, fridge and toaster with the help of these useful sheets.

4. Clear winow blinds of accumulated dust to by dusting them individually with the help of a dryer sheet.

5. Grab a new one, soak it and then use it to clean all the soap and scum stuck to your toiletries that don’t seem to rub off no matter what kind of effort you put on them.

6. Rub the inside of a woollen hat to deprive it of its annoying static electricity charge.

7. Is your hair pointing stubbornly in all directions and won’t lit flat despit anything you do? Just rub your brush’s bristles with a wet dryer sheet. The brush will become much more effective after it.

8. You living room couch tends to get smelly over time so you need to place a dryer sheet in between the pillows or below them. It will keep the bad smell away from accumulating.

9. Keep one in your drawers for nice smelling clothes every time you take them out.

10. It is exceptionally useful to have in the gym. Stash one in your bag right away!

11. Make your vacation bag smell good by placing one in the bag.

12. Out of deodorant? Use the dryer sheet to remove the blotches on your shirt.

13. Tangled thread can be straightened out by running it through a new dryer sheet.

14. It is excellent for cleaning up powdery messes like those from flour and corn flour.

15. In short, every time you clean, make extensive use of dryer sheets to your advantage! Your home should partly be smelling of dryer sheets when you are done with it.