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Bus Converted Into A Luxury Home

Luxury bus home

In Israel, the transformation of a worthless transport bus to a luxury home has been done by two women designers, named Hagit and Tali. The transformation is exceptional and beyond anyone’s imagination. These two women took this remarkable step after being inspired by some DIY magazines.

The process of modification started after an old bus was picked up from a transport company. Most of the parts of bus were cast-off except the general design. The general idea about the alteration of the bus was to provide all the essential items needed for a home. The air conditioner and boilers were also to be installed in this bus.

According to the designers, these are the steps they undertook:

An old, damaged bus “Dan” was purchased; 12 feet long and eight feet wide.

The wheels were covered by diner-style benches and kitchen cabinets were constructed along the windows. The vents merger were modified into lamps.

The furnished benches are American diner style and the two platforms of kitchen cover the wheels. A table is allotted to the benches, which are covered by bright orange vinyl, with a black plate and stainless steel feet.

The work surface is made up of dark oak with installed stove and stainless steel sink. The connections of bus are spread across all the setup needed for housing and the seat of the driver has been swapped with black-white footstool.

There is a bedroom at the back of the bus. It is elevated and the back seat which is padded in black velvet sofa was combined to deposit a commodious double-bed which is two feet long and five feet wide. Two cases of gray velvet linens and black Formica shelves were outlined by the couch and decorative pillows are spread across the bed.

A portrait of Audrey Hepburn is made between the front and back wardrobe.

The bathroom is situated in the middle of the bus. It has an elevated toilet, built on the wheel, wooden bathroom cabinet and an inside shower with frosted glass door.
A job well done, we’d say.