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This Drone Fitted With A Flamethrower Is Now Commercially Available

What you are looking at is the Wasp Drone Flamethrower TF-19 that has been released recently and offers you a precise fire aim that will leave you amazed, to say the least. The all-new and impressive Wasp Drone Flamethrower is all set for business and can be bought now!

It comes in a black casing that is best defined as sleek, and it has been crafted so that it is able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Whether it is the cold winter or the hot summer, the Wasp is hardcore enough to handle all kind of extremes.

The Wasp Drone Flamethrower TF-19 offers a flame-throwing range of 25 feet and comes with a tank that can house one gallon of fuel. The TF-19 Wasp is capable of firing flames continuously for ninety seconds (one minute and a half). To put it simply; it will exceed the expectations of its users.

It offers the capability to the user to easily reach higher ranges. It can assist the professionals that are in need of precise firing tools in hard-to-reach or difficult locations. What is more, is that extreme weather, including cold winter or hot summer, won’t stop it from completing its tasks. This renders the Wasp Drone Flamethrower as a very handy tool to possess.

It comes with a distinctive rail slider system and requires no tools for its refueling or adjusting. In fact, it is one of the easiest drones to use that are currently available in the market. It can be handled without breaking a sweat using an FPV camera onboard. The FPV camera enables the users to see what the drone is heading towards thus making targeting and flying very convenient.

You can check out the amazing TF-19 Wasp Drone in action below. Do let us know what you think of this amazing tool.

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