This Digestion Tracker Gadget Tells You Which Foods Make You Fart


A rumbling, gassy tummy is just about the worst thing that can happen to you on a special day. While taking digestive medicines might help placate the problem, you are still left wondering what caused it in the first place.

The AIRE by FoodMarble comes to help you, using its portable app come gadget. Certain foods that don’t fare well with your gut result in a build up of gas which passes through your bloodstream and into your lungs. Using this phenomenon, the application analyzes the amount of gas in breath the same way a breathalyzer measures your blood alcohol level.

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But sadly, it is not as easy as blowing into a breathalyzer whenever you want. To get the readings, you first need to get a baseline on an empty stomach. Then a “FODMAP sachet,” is given with the AIRE device, has to be mixed with water and gulped down to get the process rolling.  After drinking the mixture, blowing into the monitor every 15 minutes will enable the tracker to measure a fermentation spike. This process takes about 3 hours in total, just about the time needed to finish digesting.

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FODMAP is an acronym for (Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides, and Polyols) levels, which are a type of carbohydrates found in a host of foods that can be easily fermented and turned into gas. Once the user utilizes each packet, the device then estimates conclusively on how your gut responds to certain foods and displays it using a companion smartphone application.

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Along with performing digestive tracking, AIRE also helps people suffering from bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and constipation. So, it might not help with your gluten problem or the need to track your acid reflux, but it can still aid you to figure out which consumed food gave you a bad case of the runs so that you can steer clear of it in the future.

The device comes in a sleek and slim casing featuring a variety of colors. The mouthpiece can be removed, washed and be used by another person. This method has been used by gastroenterologists for years now, but the AIRE helps put it in the hands of an average person. It is currently available for preorder at a discounted price of $99 (down from $149) and is expected to ship this fall.
So are you buying one?

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