This Device Trivoly Turns Any Watch in a Smartwatch


Don’t have enough money to buy the iWatches and different variants of the Android Smartwatch accessories? Worry not as with this cool attachment, you can make your own dull watch smart! Introducing the Trivoly, a device that claims to convert any ordinary time teller into a cool new gadget. But how does it happen?


The Trivoly has to be placed underneath the watch where the battery is normally placed and then paired to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once it has been successfully done, you can control many smartphone apps with the help of your watch most important of which are the health-related ones like optical heart rate sensor. You can also get notifications for e-mails and messages and even set a timer for your smartphone camera.

The size of the Trivoli is amazing, doesn’t add much weight to your watch, and doesn’t affect its high-end appearance. It is only 3 mm thick and completely water-resistant. The battery lasts a satisfactory four days and uses different LEDS to show notifications. It is going out for a mere 99 $ on Kickstarter right now as part of its Early bird pledges. The team has set an ambitious target of 100,000$ and 34,000$ have already been pledged to the startup with 24 days to go. In all certainty, it means that the project will be successfully crowdfunded and we can convert all our copies of Casios and Rolexes into smartwatches anytime of asking!

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