Tag Heuer Launches It’s First Luxury Android Smartwatch. Here Are It’s Features & Price


Tag Heuer’s corporate hierarchy had been critical of Applewatch due to its attempt to change the traditional appearance of the watch that have classed the wrists of men for centuries. To incorporate smart technology in their “timeless” design as they call it, Tag Heuer has taken a year and now aims to release its first smartwatch with an Android platform.

The Tag Heuer Connected watch is the result of a team effort from Intel, Google and Tag Heuer itself with Intel providing the electronic part, Google the software and the parent company it’s signature appearance that people like. But, have no confusion about this, it is an ultra-luxury watch that costs around 1,500 $ and is only aimed at wealthy individuals who still want to own luxury watches, but with a smart twist. It can never be a competitor for Apple Watch as the price difference will probably eclipse any positive edge it has over the American company. It is also introduced with an unorthodox deal meant at increasing sales that involve trading it back to the company after two years and getting a 3,000 $ Tag Heuer luxury watch in return after paying 1,500$ extra. Luxury item lovers would love this sort of thing as they will get to show-off two watches within in a matter of years.

Here are some of the features of the Tag Heuer watch:

It has grade 2 Titanium construction for a classy feel.

tag heuer smart watch35

The classic design and the button on the side show modern Tag Heuer iconography.

tag heuer smart watch34

The bottom of the watch is reserved for the other partners who made this product possible. There is also a four-pin charging support present for this watch.

tag heuer smart watch33

The screen, just like Apple Watch, has been made from Sapphire, an extremely hard material that won’t easily crack. However, despite its hefty price, The Connected Watch loses on the Pixels Per Inch category with the Apple Watch boasting a better 290 ppi.

tag heuer smart watch32

The classic design of the Tag Heuer watch is larger than the Apple’s and according to the Swiss watchmaker, there might be smaller screen sizes in the future.

tag heuer smart watch31

Although the watch itself is thicker than the Apple Watch, many early users claim that the watch is incredibly light for its size and feels good while wearing. This is what the 1,500$ are worth.

tag heuer smart watch30

The battery lasts about a day, and this is where improvement is needed by Tag Heuer.

Swiss watches aren’t well-known to come in catchy colors, but it seems this time the watch company has bent to the demand and has released the Connected Watch in many different colors.

tag heuer smart watch28

The Watch shows dials just like any ordinary Swiss Watch.

tag heuer smart watch27

There are different dials to choose from. This one looks like a Tag Heuer Carrera watch.

tag heuer smart watch26

This one is modeled on the Aquaracer series.

tag heuer smart watch25

You can change switch through these dials easily. Pretty similar to what we have come to expect from the Apple Watch.

tag heuer smart watch24

This is how an alarm will look on the watch.

tag heuer smart watch23

tag heuer smart watch22 ‘

Here is the Android weather app telling us about the local weather.

tag heuer smart watch20

You can monitor all the bulls and bears of the stock exchange through it.

tag heuer smart watch19

Just say BBC News and it will take you to the News app. You can watch all of the news with ease.

tag heuer smart watch17

This is how you can access Gmail on it.

tag heuer smart watch16

It even has Google Now, the amazing Digital Personal Assistant of Android. You can have it follow instructions and make notes of your travels.

tag heuer smart watch15

You can get information about the flights.

tag heuer smart watch13

You can access Shazam and find out the song they are playing right now.

tag heuer smart watch12

You can even view the lyrics of the song on the screen.

tag heuer smart watch11

You can control volume and playback of the song through the touchscreen.

tag heuer smart watch10

This Golf application is what you have been waiting for in this model. It can provide all of the golf info using the gyroscope, accelerometer, and GPS sensors. It can give you your scorecard, the distance to the next hole and even the best club you ought to use in such a situation.

tag heuer smart watch9

It can also count the steps you are taking to keep track of your fitness and connect with apps like Runtastic.

tag heuer smart watch8

There is also a feature called guides. You can check out locations and places around you and call them.

tag heuer smart watch7

You can take the call from your watch as well your phone. You can also respond to texts via the watch. Just tap the reply button and start talking.

tag heuer smart watch6

GoogleNow can also transcribe what you are saying into notes so that you won’t forget anything later on.

tag heuer smart watch4

But, if the dictating to a DPA isn’t your thing, you can draw emoticons, sand the Android will identify the kind of the emoticon and proceed to send the proper one.

tag heuer smart watch

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