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This Cybertruck Camper Accessory Packs A Ton Of Features – But It Also Costs $24,000

Tesla’s cybertruck is the most awaited and leading-edge technological innovation that is expected to be manufactured by next year. In the course of time, its upcoming exciting features are testing the patience of the enthusiasts for being the most grandiose vehicle ever. However, a California-based start-up company, “Space Campers,” has recently announced the induction of a majestic camper for the cybertruck. It is narrowly triangular in shape, like a hinged wedge, and can be used for a lot of eliciting experiences.

The concept of Tesla’s Cybertruck was introduced back in 2019 and was planned to launch in 2021, but the inauguration got delayed for some underlying reasons. The new expected timeline for the launch of this vehicle along with this camper-built technology is by next year. The company has deployed standard aerospace materials along with traditional aerospace metals to make its structure durable and strong.

This masterpiece is powered by Tesla’s battery, through which its roof comes out simultaneously via the onboard air compressor. Its roof extends up to 8 feet (2.4 m) as soon as the 50 x 80 roof bed is elevated. Moreover, the add-on features for the camper include an eco-friendly kitchenette, an outdoor bathroom including the facility of a cold/hot shower which is deployed from a case, and an electrical outlet case having four electrical portals along with a USB charging port.

Furthermore, it has come up with chargeable solar panels that are deployed on the rooftop. In addition to this, the solar panels are provided with the requirement to be incorporated into the customized roof with proper electric covers covering them. The most exciting feature of the camper is a built-in movie projector, which would give them a more exhilarating experience. No doubt, this is a groundbreaking technological advancement.

Now, coming to the most important point, i.e., its price. The starting price of this masterpiece is set at $24,000, and the reservations from $100 to $1000 have just been started. These reservations are refundable along with the projected perks and perquisites. However, the anticipated weight of the camper is 470 lb, but it can only be confirmed after Tesla’s cybertruck approves the whole vehicle according to its design considerations.

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