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Tiny Portable Microwave Cooks Food In The Palm Of your Hand

Heating stale food on the go is a difficult job. We don’t have pubic microwaves present at each corner of the road and the alternative gas stoves require a lot of inventory like cylinders and pipes that are both bulky and dangerous to have in the normal car. Making a campfire is also not easy for many folks so what about a portable microwave that can heat food while sitting on your seat? Meet The Wayv Adventurer, which is a great easy-to-use 200-watt microwave that is roughly the size of an average thermos. It can heat up your food on the go and last an astonishing 30 minute on full capacity thus lasting several days. 

These guys have solved many of the problems associated with heating on the go. It can also be easily used in the home as a plug-in household device, thus fulfilling both purposes. The small appliance is good for people with more cramped space and also those who live in small apartments and can’t afford to give a whole corner to their microwave. The  The Wayv Adventurer will only take a small space, and you can also put it away if you don’t like to use it frequently as well. 

The key to the long-lasting ability of the adventurer is the use of metal oxide semiconductors instead of normal microwave generators. These heated transistors mean we can cook in tight spaces like the small appliance itself. The company is bringing the product straight to retail, and it will cost you around $200. Not bad for something that offers so much! Here is the video from the inventors: