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Guy Invents An Air Conditioner That Works Without Electricity

The summer season in the sub-continent is unbearably hot and sweaty. Due to factors like the shortage of power, the people have to suffer through the awful scorching heat without the comforts of an air conditioner.


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An ingenious Bangladeshi has come up with a creative solution that counters the sweltering heat of the season using the recycled plastic bottles. Ashis Paul has invented a cost-effective mechanism which is a “zero electricity” air conditioner named the Eco-Cooler.

The underlying concept of the Eco-Cooler is the principle that air cools on expanding. The temperatures rise as high as 45 degree Celsius in Bangladesh. Most of the villages have no access to power and thus they have to endure the hot weather.


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To counter the fierce heat, Eco-Cooler is an inexpensive and easy solution, which is readily available to all people. Thus far, more than 25,000 Eco-Coolers have installed across Bangladesh, most of which are being used by the Grameen Intel employees and Grey Dhaka volunteers.

Working of Eco-Cooler

The performance of the Eco-Cooler varies with the conditions it is being operated in. However, the contraption can effectively bring down the temperature of a mid-size room by 5 degrees Centigrade.


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To give you a concept of how it works, blow out the wind from your mouth and feel it on your hand. Now purse your lips and repeat the same. The air is colder with the pursed lips.


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In the same manner, the neck of the plastic bottle helps to constrict the air. As it moves towards the rim of the container, the air expands and thus, becomes cooler.

Setting Up an Eco-Cooler

Eco-Coolers are quite simple to make.


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The inventor of the Eco-Coolers has uploaded the how-to guide on their site. They have not filed any copyrights and aim to alleviate the suffering of as many people as they can.


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Watch this video about the Eco-Cooler setup and operation:

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