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Never Miss Another Pokémon With This 3D Printed Phone Case To Aim Your Pokéballs

This 3D printed case for iPhone 6 promises that you will catch ‘em all! Once you have located your elusive Pikachu, you really can’t wait to catch it with your Pokéball. However, throwing the Pokéball is a skill that not every player could master.

John Cleaver came up with the design of an inventive phone case for iPhone 6 that will turn your handset into a sniper rifle for the Pokémon. The design makes your aim better and ensures that you catch your Pokémon in one go.


Image Source: John Cleaver


The case fits over the iPhone with a distinct track defined for the finger. All you need now is to align you Pokémon with the track and let your fingers flick the Pokéball at it.

Cleaver has promised the users that he will release adapted versions of the case for the other phones if the demand is high enough. Considering the fact that the Pokémon Go app downloads broke the App Store records and that the developers of the game have made $35 million so far, it is very easy to predict that the customised versions of this phone case for the other handsets will soon be on their way.


Image Source: John Cleaver


Cleaver has uploaded the design on MyMiniFactory so you can print your own case to improve your Pokémon aim and rejoice as your strike rate climbs higher than ever.

For the pros, it is necessary to note that the case will not allow you to throw a curveball. But then, you don’t even need any mark or design to catch your Pokémon. However, the case will be a favourite among the Pokémon Go beginner level players.