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Room-in-a-Box Is All The Furnishing You Need For Your Room

Room-in-a-Box cardboard bedroom pops up in 30 minutes4

“Our Paper Life” is a cardboard design firm based in Toronto and has come up with an amazing product that has been named as ‘Room in a Box’. The idea is aimed at keeping the time and cost for furnishing a room to a bare minimum. Every kit comes with pieces that can be slotted together without requiring any tools or glue to come up with furniture for the entire bedroom. The best part? It takes only 30 minutes to do so.Room-in-a-Box cardboard bedroom pops up in 30 minutes

The firm has managed to keep the cost of kit down by making use of cardboard only. The company believes that cardboard is able to create durable and strong furniture. They cite the three years’ experience during which they claim that they have been using some of the unit themselves. The cardboard is coated with a water-resistant coating thus making water spills not a problem.

Apart from the obvious benefits, the company says that the kit is made from 75% recycled material while being 100% recyclable. It can be affixed together in a variety of ways and can still be disassembled, flattened for easy transport and re-assembled again for making use of it elsewhere. The idea came from members of the firm who had to struggle with furnishing student houses each year during their undergraduate years. The work began back in 2011 and over the course of 4-years it has undergone different developments and prototyping finalizing in the form of Room in a Box. According to the company, it is a ‘complete solution to furnishing student housing.’

Every kit comes with pieces that can be used for making a desk, a chair, a wastepaper bin, a bed base and a dresser. The bed and dresser are created from modular ‘Stax’ storage units which can be used for different configurations as well.

Geoff Christou, CEO of Our Paper Life, says, “The Bed was the tricky part. At first I wondered if it could even be done, but after a lot of testing, we ended up using the storage units with simple connector pieces. It makes for a durable bed frame and allows for extra storage space under the bed.”

As of now, an Indiegogo campaign is being carried out to collect funds for the production of the Room in a Box. A pledge of $149 shall warrant you a unit of this amazing product.

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