This Cute Little Dog Is Engineer’s Best Tool Assistant

Meet Man’s Best Assistant  4

Dogs are known to be man’s best friends and every now and then, you will find a heartwarming story about them on the Internet that will just melt our heart away. They have this way of finding their way to your feels-room. Recently pictures have surfaced on Internet that showcase man’s best assistant.Meet Man’s Best Assistant 2

A Dachshund has been spotted in a car repair shop where it wore an amazingly interesting outfit. It looks like a re-purposed t-shirt that features a zipper running down the back along with multiple side pockets that contain simple tools. By the looks of it, the dog patiently sits close to the worker while he fixes a car and allows him to grab the tools when they are needed.Meet Man’s Best Assistant 3 Meet Man’s Best Assistant 4 Meet Man’s Best Assistant

It is presumed that the shop is located in Russia and that’s about all the info that is available regarding these photographs. A lot of concern has been raised over the spine of Dachshund although the tools don’t look too heavy or harmful. We hope the owner is taking good care of the pet and not overburdening it with too much work.


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