Skydeck Allows Passengers To Sit Outside The Airplane’s Body And Enjoy A 360-View

Skydeck 360

So, are you one those people who can’t travel without a window seat providing an unobstructed view of the surroundings? If yes, then man you are going to love this new seat named Skydeck from WindSpeed Technologies of USA. The company just patented the concept of a glass capsule that can provide a panoramic viewing experience previously unavailable for passengers. The company was able to secure a patent for this design based on their intricate design involving two seats and a lift that can be lifted to the capsule’s level to enjoy the panoramic view in between flights.
Skydeck 3603
Here is the complete video from the Windspeed Technologies:


Mesmerizing view, isn’t it? The seats can rotate to provide 360 view around the plane. It remains to be seen whether the new deck will be accepted by the new airliners as it will involve significant modification on each plane costing quite a lot of bucks.
Skydeck 3602
But, with all of them competing with one another over trivial matters, I am sure at least the best of the lot like Emirates and Etihad will take a serious look at it and provide their passengers with a view like no other. It generated quite a bit of buzz already at the National Aviation Business Association where innovators can promote new technologies emerging in the field.


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