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This Cozy Gadget Uses Heat From Laptop Charger To Warm Your Feet

Ye-T warmpad2

Laptop charger’s bricks are real nuisances to carry around as they increase the weight of the luggage you have to carry around. Although we can’t make them commercially smaller yet, what if I told you that you are carrying a portable heater around you to warm your feet. With the new Ye-T, you can effectively harness the heat of the brick and use it to warm your shivering feet.

The Ye-T is currently undergoing funding at Kickstarter but is not performing that well with just six backers but with 58 days to go, it can gain momentum and the funding it needs as there is still ample time. But, I guess products like these perform well directly from the retail shelves rather than crowdfunding campaigns.

There is plenty of heating clothing available like Thermosole socks, etc. but the Ye-T is unique and green in its way that it doesn’t require power and uses the heat of your laptop to warm your feet while consuming zero electricity to do it. Also with improved heat dissipation, both the product lifecycle of the charger and the laptop itself are improved.

It features anodized Aluminium plates that are inside a cushioned cover made of cotton. A pair of Velcro traps are also there so you can attach it to any kind of laptop brick you come can come across. With the help of this Warmpad, the brick becomes a place of solace for the feet instead of something that gets in their way from time to time. The Aluminium plates act as heat sinks to transfer thermal energy to the padded cover with the feet resting on the heat. It is very efficient, and it doesn’t require overheating to do its job. It just needs some time to increase the temperature to one or two degrees before taking this heat and presenting it to the user’s feet. Literally.

The design needs a little bit fine tuning, but the heating pads and the heat transfer works just fine. If all goes well enough, you could see the Ye-T in the backers’ hands (rather feet) this September! Here is the Kickstarter pitch:

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