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World’s First Circular Phone Is Here

A circular phone! Sounds strange, no? If you’re from the fixed mindset crowd, then surely, it is. Whacking off the concept of rectangular phones at CES 2020, a US startup, introduced a whole new revolutionary model of cell phones, named as “Cyrcle phone” reflecting their shape.

Cyrcle phone – For crazy minded people

Adding to the innovative world, this smartphone is introduced for people who love to go out of the box and shun orthodox things. It is a whole new advancement in the trend of cell phones. Besides hitting off a new design, the shape makes it very handy. Providing users with a better grip and changing their entire experience of handling a smartphone. Furthermore, the little perks include a better fit in the pocket as well as your wallet. In an interview with BBC, Christina Cyr, founder of the Cyrcle Phone mentions: “Rectangles have served us for years and years, but we’re looking for something that fits better in the hand and also something that fits better in the pocket.”

Rectangle is too boring now!

In addition to the shape giving a rest to your fingers, it has a unique feature of making you able to share your favorite song with a loved one or you might want to watch a movie with your friend. Either way, it has incorporated within a double headphones jack. In a time when IOS and android are abandoning earphones, they are reviving its concept with a boom, which makes it interesting for users.

Its specifications include dual sim slots, 4G LTE connectivity, 13-megapixel camera and compatibility with Android pie 9.0. In a nutshell, it is equipped with all the features one looks for while choosing a handset. All that makes it stand out from the crowd is the circular shape.

Circular mobile phones – next hit in the mobile industry

 The concept of it was something people were not expecting much, during the Consumer Electronics show 2020, however, the work was in progress since 2015. The model showcased was however a prototype only and is not yet a complete market product. The developers are still untangling their neurons to make the product function smoothly. As the major hindrance is the rectangular apps, the interfaces of which are not compatible with a circular screen.

 So, it’s just halfway success to an experience we all are looking forward to. Once, the software is all set, the product shall dive into the market. Sooner or later, we’ll witness similar alterations in the already present models, an oval one might be in the queue!

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