This Couple Transformed Their Mercedes Sprinter Van Into A Tiny House

tiny house in a van

The love for tiny homes has spread all over the world in the past few years. The idea of building a small and simple house resonates with many people who have decided to leave behind the ‘big is beautiful’ lifestyle. Meet Andre and Marissa, who have converted a 2017 Mercedes Sprinter van into a tiny and beautiful portable home, called Bluebird. The van is equipped to carry out all kinds of adventures.

The van is of a small size, however, it has a lot of luxury added in it like a queen size bed, workable kitchen, and a lot of storage space. The van is solar powered which enables the couple to head off in the outdoors and still have lightning and mobile devices. It has two solar panels which are connected to a Yeti 1250 generator. The energy use is reduced by using LED lights and Thinsulate curtains which help to maintain a cozy and comfortable temperature inside the van. The interior of the van is made cozier by lining it completely in timber.

The added wood gives a warm feeling and the back of the van looks like a small home. There are also swiveling front seats in the van which can provide extra seating and the bed provides a garage space underneath. The storage space can fit all the adventuring items including the required gear for kayaking, rafting. skiing and climbing. There is also space for bike storage. The car has a lot of storage space to hold small items like shoes, helmets and climbing ropes.

If feel charmed by the Bluebird, one can get it for $180,000 as the couple is selling it to begin a new project.

People seem to be fascinated by such small homes. These homes attract the public with their comparable cheapness, accessibility, and their romantic appeal. Such homes are called small homes or tiny homes and this idea originated from the USA. A typical American home generally has an area of around 2,600 square feet whereas a typical small home is between 100 to 400 square feet.

Most of the Americans spend one-third of their income on maintaining living costs. This number is really high keeping in view that 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. The tiny homes are not only cheap but they are also better designed than the large homes and give the owners control over the way they impact the environment and use the resources. Most tiny homes use solar panels to cater their energy needs.

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