Do You Have A Front-Loading Washing Machine? Read This And Keep Your Family Safe

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Parents go to any length to protect their kids from any potential harm, however, sometimes despite taking all the safety measures, a common appliance at home can also put the child at risk. Lindsey McIver, a mother of three kids, explained how her younger daughter, Kloe was involved in a near-fatal accident. The incident involved the family’s brand new front loading washing machine.

Lindsey said that they purchased a new front-loading washing machine after their old washer went out of order. They spent the evening installing the machine and told the kids not to touch it. Everything was going fine until one morning when the parents were woken up by their four-year-old son. He was crying so hard that they were unable to understand what he was telling them. While Lindsey was trying to understand what happened, her husband flew out of bed and went downstairs.

When they reached the laundry room in the basement, they saw their three-year-old daughter locked inside the airtight washing machine. She was screaming, but they were unable to hear her voice. The machine was tumbling and filling with water. They were quickly able to stop and unlock the door of the washing machine and rescue Kloe out. Apart from a few bumps on her head and wet clothes, she was okay.

Lindsey said that she is posting this story as most of us are unaware of the dangers of the machine. Later, they secured the door with a child safety lock. They also found a child lock feature on the settings which doesn’t allow the machine to start as long as it is engaged. Since they hadn’t used the machine by that time, they were unaware of its settings.

She feels very guilty about the incident, however, she wanted to share her story so that she could warn other parents of such accidents which can happen at any time. Lindsey said that shaming other moms don’t do any good. People need to open up and be honest about their mistakes since they can help others to keep their kids safe.

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