This Company Wants To Introduce High-Speed Rail In The United States

No matter how fast and impressive trains get, there’s no replacing conventional automobiles. But according to one U.S railway company, it’s five new trains are bound to impress the customers with a new user experience, making them forget they ever loved cars!

Mike Reininger, CEO of Brightline told Fast Company, “We’re trying to get people to think differently about what riding a train is like. The real objective here is to change people’s behavior.” For this reason, Brightline is focusing on destinations that are “too far to drive, too short to fly” and is building routes between locations that are about 300 miles (482 km) apart.

The first route offers a connection between Miami and West Palm Beach which has a distance of about 65 miles (104km). Apart from the high speed, the train also offers many other perks to provide you one-of-a-kind experience. The services include speedy internet, device chargers, more comfortable seats for sleeping and larger tables to place your laptops. But will that be enough to lure in travelers? Since Brightline is a private company, it needs customers to purchase seats on their new trains in order to survive in the market. In the past, the company collaborated with Siemens to develop new and optimized user-friendly train design.

Brightline is offering users a unique experience of enjoying the ride instead of having to drive themselves to their desired destination. Some other perks of using trains over private transport include not wasting time searching for a parking spot and avoiding the exhaustion that comes from driving for long hours on a journey. In addition to that, customers can also catch up on their work or relax on the way without having to worry about getting late.

“We thought about every little detail of the guest experience,” Reininger concluded. If they can pull of this idea, it’ll help reduce the number of vehicles on the road which in turn will help decrease environmental pollution. 

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