The Infiniti QX90 Resembles Tesla’s Cybertruck – But Somehow Manages to Look Worse?

Johnny Jiang has launched The Infiniti QX90 concept car that resembles the Tesla Cybertruck. However, it is not yet built properly and may not even reach the commercial stage, a report by Yanko Design explains.

The QX90 2028 has “driving” and “relaxing” modes and is semi-autonomous. The interior of the sedan has a panoramic glass roof to enhance the relaxed mode. The rear passenger seat turns a complete 180 degrees to enable passengers to interact with one another.

The chrome exterior has a few sharp angles which make it look like the Cybertruck. The vehicle has a retro appeal in favor of a more contemporary, smooth-flowing design aesthetic.

The Infiniti QX90 was envisioned as a Level 4.5 autonomy car with an AI companion onboard that can take over if and when needed. The AI is well equipped to find a free parking spot immediately when entering a parking lot. Also, it can change the car’s interior atmosphere if it detects the driver is stressed. This is done to improve concentration, or relaxation when it is in driverless mode.

Elon Musk said Tesla was “very close” to achieving level 5 autonomous driving last year. However, later the company admitted that Musk had exaggerated those claims as this was still pretty distant.

The Infiniti QX90 Is a Tesla Cybertruck Clone With Curves Instead of Angles

Besides this, just last week, Citroën inaugurated a modular autonomous pod design that turns urban mobility into a relaxing lounge-like experience or a moving gym, depending on the rider’s choice. This shows how the concepts of these vehicles are progressing and maybe soon in the coming years, they will be made commercially.

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