This Company Is Using Seaweed To Create Biodegradable Pods You Can Eat

Have you seen edible ‘bubble shots” seen at marathons being given to runners or also in other events in recent years? It looks like a normal plastic bag filled with liquid but it actually disappears as soon as it is consumed.

It quenches the thirst of athletes and concertgoers in an unusual but cool way using its unique and innovative material. It’s gathering its followers rapidly and is on its way to being recognized worldwide.

The London-based packaging company behind this innovation, known as Notpla, was founded by Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Pierre Paslier. Notpla quite literally stands for “Not Plastic”.

Backed up by plenty of awards, including a 2022 Earthshot Prize, Notpla has set out to “make packaging disappear.” It’s not magic, the trick lies just under our noses — growing beneath ocean waves. 

Notpla biodegrades naturally in 4-6 weeks. No micro-plastics, no waste for centuries. Unlike PLA, it is home compostable and doesn’t contaminate PET recycling. Notpla is made from one of nature’s most renewable resources, brown seaweed.

This crop is already used for food around the world, grows fast, and doesn’t require land or fertilizer and seaweed is highly biodegradable.

The company uses all that sustainable seaweed to sell and develop a whole range of packaging solutions, including coatings for food containers, visually striking paper, and single-dose oil pipettes for restaurants.

“At Notpla we believe that “Nature knows best”, and we only use naturally occurring materials that have had millions of years to adapt with the rest of the environment. Our new films and seaweed paper are great examples of this principle and are the most sustainable solution in their categories. We’re excited to see traction in the food service industry and are looking forward to moving into the cosmetics and fashion markets very soon,” Pierre- Paslier, co-founder, and co-CEO of Notpla.

Notpla also produces edible liquid bubbles named “Ooho.” Which is funnily enough the sound people make when they try it for the first time. Oohos can hold sports drinks, cocktails, sauces, and more for thirsty athletes and restaurant guests alike.

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