This Company Is Now Attaching Weapons To Its Jetpacks – And You Can Aim Them With Your Head

In a surprising leap into the future of military technology, Gravity Industries, the brainchild of founder Richard Browning, has showcased a video on TikTok revealing live-fire aerial testing of a shoulder-mounted, head-tracking weapons system attached to the Iron Man-style jet suit. Browning, known for his gravity-defying jet suit flights since 2017, demonstrated the system by hovering several feet off the ground and firing rounds from an automatic pistol into water, showcasing the suit’s ability to balance against recoil while following head movements.

Gravity Industries has expressed a clear interest in collaborating with military customers, evident from their 2021 video showcasing ship boarding tests with the UK Royal Marines. The recent addition of a weapons system to the jet suit marks a significant step towards potential military applications.

The article delves into the potential challenges and advantages of integrating a weapons system into the jet suit. While the idea of a military jet suit pilot equipped with a shoulder-mounted gun turret presents a more formidable image in combat situations, the article highlights the practical challenges. The loud and conspicuous nature of the jet suit, coupled with the inherent difficulties in aiming accurately during dynamic aerial maneuvers, raises questions about its effectiveness on the battlefield.

The article discusses the development process, from early prototypes to the current, more compact and lightweight design. It acknowledges the engineering challenges, such as controlling the gun’s yaw during firing and the absence of an apparent reloading mechanism. The chief combat liabilities of the jet suit, notably its loud noise and lack of cover in the air, are also addressed, hinting at potential solutions like armor plating.

Despite the skepticism about the practicality of a weaponized jet suit, the article expresses anticipation for the continued development of this futuristic technology. It acknowledges the allure of jet suits, jetpacks, and jetboards, appealing to the inner child in everyone and marveling at the realization that we are indeed living in an age where such technological marvels are becoming a reality.

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