This Company Is Making Robots That Will Carry Out Chores – But Will It Pull It Off?

A British company, Dyson, which is best known for the manufacturing of vacuum cleaners and hairdryers, has come up with an innovative idea. It has introduced robots that can do all your house chores through the special algorithms and computer programs incorporated into them. The tasks include cleaning up your sofas, doing the dishes, and finding the lost things as well. This has given a breath of fresh air to all the housewives and moms out there when they can finally attend their dinners and host parties without any unnecessary worries.

The company stated that it has been working for 20 years to design robots that can clean the floors through vacuum cleaners, and that the target has finally been achieved now, but it aims to keep this progress going by expanding its research in the field of advanced robotics. Jake Dyson, Chief Engineer at Dyson, said, “There’s a big future in robotics and saving people time, performing chores for people, and improving daily lives. We’ve been working for about 20 years now on floor car robots, which are puck-format robots. But aside from that, we’ve been doing a lot of research into robotics, which no one’s aware of.”

Dyson has also started hiring a lot of professionals with the skills and expertise related to robotics to start building more robots like this. It has been reported that 250 robotics engineers are being recruited, and the company plans to hire about 700 more in the coming five years. This shows that robotics is an emerging field with a lot of job opportunities as well as innovative solutions for complex problems.

According to the company, “The master plan is to create the UK’s largest, most advanced, robotics center at Hullavington Airfield and to bring the technology into our homes by the end of the decade.” No doubt, these robots will give a lot of comfort to people and save them the time that they spend on cleaning. But the main challenge is to make this technology common and accessible to everyone in the market so they can easily utilize this breakthrough.

However, no information related to its price and the time of its being available commercially has been revealed yet by the company.

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