The Pentagon Wants You To Stop Asking Questions About Killer Robots


Ever heard of a military headquarter releasing shirts about their high-end projects? No? We thought so. But the Pentagon, headquarters to arguably the most advanced army on the planet, resorted to it recently. Apparently, the shirt they are selling has something to say about the speculated “killer robots”.

In an event hosted by the international think tank Atlantic Council, Marine AI head Lieutenant General Michael Groen said they are working on the killer robots. Still, the project isn’t the only thing at their hand. However, it is the most exciting.

“Inside the department, clearly there’s a question about what is AI for,” said Groen, head of the Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, during the May 25 event. “And, although there are conversations about killer robots and all the rest, I think the reality is much more mundane.”

According to Breaking Defence, the killer robots are nowhere near deployment. Anything that is autonomous knows how to target and shoot humans is a thing of the future and will take time. So the days of seeing Robocop in action are a little beyond us as we analyze the situation today.

Groen made many comments about the AI era on the horizon and that AI-driven domains and workplaces are upon us. However, the matter remained that he had nothing to offer in terms of important news to the reporters and the AI enthusiasts present at the Atlantic Council’s event.

“We believe that a lot of the rules have to change,” he said, “a lot of the thought processes have been rendered obsolete, and, maybe, the cores of how our organizational processes work have to be reevaluated through the lens of artificial intelligence and data.”

With all the terror and enthusiasm surrounding the killer robots, it is worth mentioning that in 2021 the US military moved for an outright ban on the futuristic fighting machines.

Nonetheless, Groen is outgoing and soon would be replaced by another General with his mind. Of course, we can’t say his take on the killer robots and the application of AI in the military, but one thing is sure AI is bound to take over as the force multiplier and game-changer on future battlefields.


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