This Chinese EV Automaker Has Unveiled A 150-kWh Solid-State Battery Pack

After years of anticipation, Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer NIO has finally unveiled its game-changing innovation: a groundbreaking 150 kWh solid-state battery pack for their cars. Supplied by WeLion, this revolutionary energy-dense pack will debut in the upcoming ES6 SUV, allowing Chinese customers to opt for this cutting-edge technology as early as this month.

NIO’s new solid-state battery pack represents a significant leap forward in electric vehicle technology. The pack features solid-state battery cells designed with a similar configuration to their existing lithium-ion cells but with an astonishing range of 620 miles (1,000 km) on a single charge. Overcoming numerous delays, NIO’s ambitious plans to enhance their EV models with solid-state batteries were finally confirmed when they filed with China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in May.

The highly-anticipated ES6 SUV will be the first of NIO’s three models to showcase the impressive capabilities of the 150 kWh solid-state pack. Detailed specifications of this groundbreaking feature have now been shared in the company’s customer manual. According to exclusive information from electrek, the solid-state pack weighs 575 kg (1,268 lbs), just 20 kg (44 lbs or 3.6%) heavier than the 100 kWh packs (555 kg). However, what truly sets this pack apart is its remarkable energy density of 261 Wh/kg, a staggering 44.44% increase compared to the 180 Wh/kg offered by the 100 kWh lithium-ion pack. Even with the expanded capacity, the 150 kWh pack maintains the exact dimensions as its predecessor (2,062 mm in length, 1,539 mm in width, and 185.6 mm in height), ensuring compatibility with most NIO vehicles.

In an exciting development, WeLion, the solid-state battery manufacturer, officially announced on July 1 that they had commenced delivery of the 150 kWh packs to NIO on June 30. The partnership between the two companies has also been solidified by signing an annual order agreement, indicative of their long-term collaboration and shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology.

With the introduction of the groundbreaking battery pack, NIO’s conventional cars are set to deliver unprecedented performance. According to electrek, the NIO ES6 equipped with the 150 kWh pack is projected to achieve an impressive range of 577 miles (930 km) on a single charge, as confirmed by the company’s visionary chairperson and CEO. This remarkable feat is a testament to NIO’s resilience, especially considering the near-bankruptcy scare they faced in 2021. Their unveiling of the ET7 electric sedan in January of that same year, boasting ranges of approximately 600 miles (965 km), played a pivotal role in revitalizing the company.

NIO’s implementation of the 150 kWh solid-state battery pack heralds a new era in the electric vehicle landscape, where longer ranges and enhanced performance are no longer a dream but a tangible reality. As NIO continues to push the boundaries of innovation, the electrification revolution gains momentum, promising a greener and more sustainable future on the roads.

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