This Chinese Company’s Headquarters Is Modeled On USS Enterprise

USS enterprise building

Yes, Star Trek fans, be ready to drool with delight! It seems that the USS enterprise’s voyages to places “where no man has ever gone before” has taken it to the restricted Asian nation itself. This Chinese Company NetDragon Websoft’s headquarters have been designed just like the famous fictitious warp-enabled spacecraft from the space fantasy genre. The most popular internet service provider of China didn’t go public with this amazing piece of architecture and it was only very recently that a Star Trek fan spotted it on a satellite image. At first he couldn’t believe it and thought it was probably “a glitch in the matrix”, but when he closely observed it, it was true. There stood the most iconic spaceships of all time among the others. This prompted a social media frenzy and drone footage was received not long after that to confirm its existence.

USS enterprise building 2

Well, it’s not like we have seen a UFO or anything, but man! this is awesome! However, there is a general disagreement between people regarding its true inspiration. Some think it resembles enterprise of the old series while others liken it to the one operated in the J.J. Abrams reboot ones. In my opinion, it is indeed a mashup of the ship’s designs from successive generations of Star Trek movies and TV series. It even resembles Voyager at some angles, so it seems that the anonymous architect knew a lot about the franchise to mix things up a little. However, no actual physical reconnaissance has been possible inside the amazing ship-building. Chinese don’t have Facebook over there, so they might have missed the whole furore over the building altogether. However, it is rumoured that the building has cool stuff inside just like Google headquarters including slides, entertainment areas and giant dinosaur replicas.

The owner Liu Deijan, who is lovingly called by the Chinese media as “big child”, has some eccentric tastes. He is famous for filling his offices with fun stuff like Pinball machines and Batman toys. He reportedly obtained a special license from CBS to make this replica of the famous ship.

So, who wants to work there? I can so imagine myself in the captain’s chair right now!


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