Here Are Five Engineering Wonders Of Northern England

Tees Transporter Bridge

Northern England is home to one of the most beautiful places in world. Apart from being famous for its many other features, it is also known for some of the wonderful engineering feats. We have compiled a list of 5 engineering feats of Northern England for you. Check them out below and let us know what you think of them.

5. Humber BridgeHumber Bridge

Hello and welcome to the Humber Bridge – the longest single-span suspension bridge at the time of its inauguration and now the world’s seventh largest. It is located near Kingston upon Hull, England and has a span length of 2,220 meters. It was opened to traffic on 24th June, 1981. It connects the East Riding of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. It can be seen from miles and from as far as Ottringham in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Till 1st April, 2012 it was the UK’s most expensive toll crossing with a toll of £3.00 each way for cars. However, the toll has been reduced to half since the mentioned date.

4. Middleton RailwayMiddleton Railway

Welcome to world’s oldest functional public railway – The Middleton Railway. It was created back in 1758 and has now become a heritage railway that is run by volunteers from the Middleton Railway Trust Ltd. Since 1960, It offers passenger services on weekends and public holidays on a track of about 1.6km length. The track goes from the headquarters at Moor Road, Hunslet, Leeds, West Yorkshire to the Park Halt located on the outskirts of Middleton Park.

3. Emley Moor transmitting stationEmley Moor transmitting station Emley Moor transmitting station 2

This is a broadcasting and telecommunications facility located on Emley Moor about 1.6km west of Emley, Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England. The station’s iconic feature is the 330.04 meters high concrete tower that qualifies as a Grade II listed building. As of now, it is the tallest freestanding structure in UK and the seventh tallest freestanding in European Union and also enjoys the titles of 4th tallest tower in European Union while also being the 23rd tallest tower in world. The tower’s official name is ‘Arqiva Tower’ but is also known as ‘Emley Moor mast’.

2. Tees Transporter BridgeTees Transporter Bridge

This bridge is also known as the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge or ‘The Tranny’. It is built on River Tees and is the furthest downstream bridge. It connects Middlesbrough to Port Clarence. It has a travelling car or ‘gondola’ if you will for transporting that is suspended from the bridge. It takes 90 seconds to cross the river while 200 people along with 9 cars or 6 cars and a minibus can be catered simultaneously by the bridge. The bridge is also referred to as ‘The Transporter’ in local area.

1. Ribblehead ViaductRibblehead Viaduct

It is also known as Batty Moss Viaduct and carries the Settle-Carlisle Railway across the Batty Moss located in the valley of the River Ribble. The valley is located at Ribblehead, North Yorkshire. The viaduct was built by Midland Railway. The land around and underneath the viaduct has remains of the construction camp and navy settlements that were known as Batty Wife Hole, Sebastopol and Belgravia. This land is a scheduled ancient monument.


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